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  • The power of partnership at Voorhees Preserve.
  • The trail takes shape. The SCA crew built ½ mile of new trail, much of which was built along the contour of the slope, requiring lots of bench cutting to make a flat and durable tread.
  • SCA crew at work.
  • SCA crew members at work on the trail.
  • The crew routed the new trail to include this beautiful overlook, and built the rustic fence to keep hikers from getting too close to the cliff.
  • Crew member working on a retaining wall at one of the switchback landings.  This structure will help reduce erosion of the trail.
  • Detail of the retaining wall showing the skilled degree of construction.
  • SCA trail crew alumni (white hard hat) instructs a volunteer from Dominion Power on sustainable trail construction.
  • Volunteers post trail markers to direct hikers.
  • Volunteers from Dominion and Asplundh clear trees from across the trail.
  • Volunteers dismantle the handrail from a damaged section of boardwalk. Much of this lumber will be re-used for trail projects at other preserves.
The Power of Partnership
Rebuilding, re-routing, and re-blazing trails at Voorhees Preserve damaged by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

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