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  • Voorhees Preserve is located next to the Westmoreland Berry Farm.  Look for signs to guide you, and check in at the welcome center for a map before you hit the trail! 
  • The trail begins about a five minute hike down the road, next to an orchard.
  • Watch for the TNC trail blazes to find your way.
  • As you hike down toward the river, you'll see lots of plants and animals.
  • This bridge was recently rebuilt, and offers a good look at wildlife close to the water's edge.
  • The flowering plants here are a great place to find insects.
  • How many kinds of dragonflies can you spot?
  • Flourishing plants near the river.
  • Dragonflies love the wet areas of this preserve.
  • This is the first outlook over the Rappahannock.
  • The trail has 2 branches at this point.
  • Watch out for spider webs!
  • Second overlook, at the end of the trail.
  • Wild mushrooms are everywhere in this preserve.
  • Watch for wild berries along the trail.
Voorhees Preserve
A walk through Voorhees Preserve in Northern Virginia.

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