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  • The kiosk is at the edge of the preserve parking lot.
  • TNC staff replace maps in the kiosk.
  • Entrance to the boardwalk.
  • The overlook from the boardwalk.
  • Funding for the boardwalk is much appreciated.
  • The boardwalk is pretty short, but worth exploring.
  • Listen carefully to hear frogs and birds around the marsh.
  • The marsh isn't very wide here.
  • You'll find many different sizes and colors of dragonfly here.
  • Boating in the marsh is a great way to see beyond the boardwalk.
  • A closer view of the marsh.
  • TNC staff ensure that people using the marsh are following proper regulations.
  • If you go boating here, be sure you leave the marsh as you found it.
  • The vegetation here is very different from what you'll find on the trail.
Vandell Preserve
A quick tour of Cumberland Marsh.

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