Forests and Climate Change Quiz

Test your knowledge of forests and climate change in Virginia with our interactive climate change quiz! Can you answer all of the following questions and get a perfect score?

Click on the links that you think best answer each quiz question below. Good luck!

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  1. When forests are cleared, they release which of the following gases, proven to cause climate change?


    helium | Incorrect

    carbon dioxide

    carbon dioxide | Correct


    nitrogen | Incorrect


    hydrogen | Incorrect

  2. What approximate percentage of carbon emissions worldwide is caused by cutting down trees?

    close to 10 percent

    close to 10 percent | Incorrect

    close to 15 percent

    close to 15 percent | Incorrect

    close to 20 percent

    close to 20 percent | Correct

    close to 25 percent

    close to 25 percent | Incorrect

  3. Deforestation is the second leading contributor of carbon emissions worldwide.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  4. Forests are destroyed at what rate around the world?

    one acre per day

    one acre per day | Incorrect

    one acre per hour

    one acre per hour | Incorrect

    one acre per minute

    one acre per minute | Incorrect

    one acre per second

    one acre per second | Correct

  5. How many acres of forestland does Virginia lose each year?

    200 acres

    200 acres | Incorrect

    2,000 acres

    2,000 acres | Incorrect

    20,000 acres

    20,000 acres | Correct

    200,000 acres

    200,000 acres | Incorrect

  6. Protecting one acre of mature forest from destruction is equivalent to taking how many cars off the road for one year?

    90 cars

    90 cars | Incorrect

    60 cars

    60 cars | Incorrect

    30 cars

    30 cars | Correct

    1 car

    1 car | Incorrect

  7. Piney Grove Preserve provides habitat for Virginia’s last breeding population of the red-cockaded woodpecker, which was listed as endangered in 1970.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  8. In 2006, the Conservancy’s agreement with International Paper became the single largest private land conservation sale in the history by protecting 218,000 acres of forestland across ten states. How many acres were protected in Virginia?

    900 acres

    900 acres | Incorrect

    7,200 acres

    7,200 acres | Incorrect

    14,500 acres

    14,500 acres | Incorrect

    20,830 acres

    20,830 acres | Correct


0-3 correct: Hmm… you still have a lot to learn about forests and climate change!

4-6 correct: You’re getting there. Learn more about the role of forests in reducing emissions.

7-8 correct: Great! You understand the importance of forests in defending against climate change. Help us reduce the impacts of climate change now.

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