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  • On the morning of the first prescribed burn at Warm Springs Mountain, The Nature Conservancy's Sam Lindblom assembles the fire crews for a briefing. © Daniel White/TNC
  • Following the general briefing, the Alpha and Bravo divisions meet separately to go over their respective roles. © Daniel White/TNC
  • Ignition begins with a test fire along the ridgetop's Skyline Drive. Crews then continue burning along the road and downslope. © Daniel White/TNC
  • Engine crews, like this team who traveled from Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, provide water to help control the fire lines. © Daniel White/TNC
  • The Conservancy's Bobby Clontz patrols the fire line on an ATV equipped with a water pump. © Daniel White/TNC
  • Once ground crews establish a burned perimeter around the nearly 900-acre burn unit, a Forest Service helicopter crew drops incendiary pellets to ignite the interior. © Daniel White/TNC
  • A Forest Service crew keeps watch along a fire line they're igniting with drip torches. © Daniel White/TNC
  • The Conservancy's Jennifer Rich works on a holding crew, keeping the fire within its prescribed boundaries - and eating a lot of smoke! © Daniel White/TNC
  • Near dusk, crews head back to base camp for a debriefing. Many will return for several hours of 'mop-up,' patrolling the lines and dousing hotspots. © Daniel White/TNC
Prescribed Burn at Warm Springs Mountain

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