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  • Look for this sign to know when to turn into the parking lot.
  • This kiosk has a trail map and information about the preserve.
  • How many different species of butterfly can you spot on the trail?
  • The upper loop is steep, but provides great views.
  • Even on a hot day, you can catch a breeze and a breath at one of the overlooks.
  • The path gains elevation very quickly.
  • There are a lot of wildflowers along the trail during the warmer seasons.
  • Wild fruit is in abundance along the trail.
  • It's quite a hike from this point. If you're not feeling up to it, take the lower path for a shorter hike.
  • Great view of the mountains from this overlook!
  • Keep your eyes on the trail and you might spot a box turtle.
  • There are many insects on this trail. Watch for bright colors, like these orange tips.
  • Mushrooms of all shapes and colors can be found in the forest.
  • TNC staff maintain this bridge, which fords a small stream.
  • This stream flows along part of the trail. Waterfalls can be seen when there is enough runoff from the mountains.
  • These boardwalks are along a boggy part of the trail.
  • There's even a good view from the parking lot!
Fortune's Cove
A great place for hikers to get fantastic mountain views.

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