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  • Our first view of the new Blackwater Sandhills Natural Area Preserve.
  • Michael Lipford and Andy Thompson examine a lightning scar running like a zipper down this tree's trunk.
  • Old-growth bald cypress swamps are incredibly diverse. Life sprouts everywhere you look.
  • Old hollow trees provide excellent roosting sites for bats, including the rare Southeastern myotis.
  • Pods and seeds of hearts-bustin', also known as strawberry bush (Euonymus americanus).
  • Isle of Wight's vision for the property includes public access, and this area could host a future canoe and kayak landing.
  • Darren Loomis takes the high road, while Brian van Eerden wades into the primordial ooze.
  • Late afternoon light filters down through the forest canopy.
  • “It's just good for the soul to see a big tree.” —Brian van Eerden
  • We hope you enjoyed keeping your feet high and dry while exploring the Blackwater River! Return to story
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