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Wise On Weeds! 

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All About Wise on Weeds
Learn to Identify and remove non-native invasive plants. Invasive species, along with climate change and habitat loss, represent the greatest threats to the diversity of life on earth.  Ecologists estimate that invasive species have contributed to the decline of 49% of imperiled or endangered species in the U.S. 

The impacts of invasive terrestrial plants are found throughout Vermont. Our working forests, agricultural lands, waterways, and natural areas are at risk from invasive terrestrial plants. 

The Conservancy’s Wise on Weeds! (WOW!) program promotes awareness of invasive plant species in Vermont and is committed to providing Vermonters with the tools and resources they need to control invasive species and plant native ones.    

For more information, contact or Rose Paul at (802) 229-4425 x108

Visit the Vermont Forest Parks and Recreation to learn more about invasive insects.
Visit the Vermont Division of Water Quality to learn more about invasive aquatics.


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