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Invasive Plants

Keep Up to Date on Invasives

Go to the new, one-stop invasive plant web site,, for the latest news, information and research. Created by The Nature Conservancy, the University of Vermont and the State of Vermont, the new site is THE SOURCE on invasives in Vermont.

ALSO: A free online mapping tool, iMapInvasives, introduced in Vermont by The Nature Conservancy, makes finding and destroying invasive plants easier and more effective.

All About Invasives

The Nature Conservancy takes the threat of invasive plants very seriously. Lynn McNamara, the Vermont chapter's Northern Critical Lands Manager, says these non-native plants can cause widespread harm by out-competing native plants, increasing erosion along stream banks, clogging streams and waterways, and providing less nutritious food and insufficient cover for wildlife. Because invasive species are free of natural restraints, they can spread rapidly and choke out native species.

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