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  • It all began in 1998, with our very first LEAF crew!
  • Acquiring new skills is all part of the experience, our 2010 crew perfected the technique and the smiles on dry land!
  • Once the boat is under control, look out water chestnut! Mei Yin, Garcella and Samantha stand atop their 2012 harvest of this invasive aquatic plant.
  • Up close and personal with nature, just one of the benefits of a LEAF internship!
  • Initial fear led to fascination for Garcella Baysmore Sims.
  • Cherie Mosher, AmeriCorps Stewardship assistant for Southern Vermont takes the LEAF crew into the lab at Green Mountain College
  • Mei Yin Wu applies skills learnt, a central theme of all LEAF internships.
  • Back out in the field Samantha Torres explains today’s task, bridging a stream in the trail at High Pond.
  • Trustee Warren King tests the temporary solution devised by the LEAF crew.
  • Our 2011 crew helped out on a trail re-route project at Black Mountain, in Dummerston.
  • Garcella prepares planting trays for seedlings at the native plant restoration nursery, now housed at Green Mountain College.
  • Caring for the seedlings, until they are robust enough for planting, takes a lot of care and attention in the summer months.
  • After LEAF – many interns, like Celine and Isora are heading onto college and considering environmental careers.
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