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  • Young milk snake found by guests on family friendly amphibian field trip
  • Snake expert Kiley Briggs shares what can be learnt about snakes from the skin they shed
  • Paddling on the Peaceful Poultney
  • The second canoe trip went in search of the remains of a revolutionary war ship, only exposed during very low waters.
  • Low Water Exposed Mud Flats Ideal for Finding Mussels
  • Learning About Habitat Connectivity Between the Adirondack and Green Mountains
  • Who ate my lunch? Snake expert Kiley Briggs brought his pet snake on the fieldtrip
  • Keynote speaker Doug Tallamy led a bug finding field trip, and inspired us all to think about insects in a different way
  • Monica Earhart talks of working with local towns to consider wildlife movement as they plan development
  • This bug found by the group was worthy of  a portrait!
  • Endangered Fluted Mussel
  • Freshwater Ecology by Canoe on the Poultney River
  • Mom and kids delight in discovering what a live snake feels like
  • Director of Science Rose Paul identifies mussels on canoe trip.
  • Another Field Trip Find -- A Turtle Shell
  • Field trip guests searched for snakes, hawks and shipwrecks at the Helen W. Buckner Preserve at Bald Mountain - and found them all
2012 Annual Gathering and Field Day

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