• That's a long way to go to lay an egg! © Mark Wilson
  • A golden-cheeked warbler perched high atop a central Texas tree. © Rich Kostecke/TNC
  • That's a pretty big wingspan! © Mark Wilson
  • Whooping crane tracks along Texas' coastal flats. © Kendal Larson
  • That's a lot of bugs to eat! © Mark Wilson
  • A 'living tornado' of bats emerges at the Eckert James River Bat Cave Preserve. © Rick Eason/TNC
  • That's a pretty fancy song for a bird! © Mark Wilson
  • A banded male black-capped vire. © Rich Kostecke/TNC
  • That's a lot of butterflies on one tree! © Mark Wilson
  • The distinctive black-and-gold coloring of a monarch butterfly. © David Bezanson/TNC
Texas Top 5 Migrations Slideshow

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