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Corporate Council for the Environment


The Corporate Council for the Environment was launched in 2013 to build a business coalition that sustains the environment and provides annual support for The Nature Conservancy's work in Tennessee.

In growing numbers, today's corporate leaders understand the link between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. Corporations are confronting the challenge of reducing their individual environmental footprints, as well as exploring what can be achieved on a greater scale through partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Corporate Council members work with the Conservancy to find innovative ways to work together to balance economic needs with environmental sustainability.

The Corporate Council offers educational and volunteer opportunities for member companies’ leaders and employees; networking; exposure; and a key role in the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy.

See a list of members of the Corporate Council for the Environment.

To learn more about Tennessee's Corporate Council for the Environment and the many benefits your company would receive through membership, please contact Ruth Longstreth, Philanthropy Coordinator, (615) 383-9909 or


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