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  • Before heading out to find a bog turtle, LEAF interns Taylor Lindsay, Desiree Evans and Jamee Carroll (L to R) learn about the equipment they'll use from Lynn Eastin, the Shady Valley Program's biological technician.
  • Lynn teaches the interns how to operate the sensitive radio telemetry equipment they will use to locate the bog turtle, which has a tiny antenna glued to its shell. Lynn tracks the turtles so that the Conservancy and the Knoxville Zoo can protect and study them.
  • Armed with a radio telemetry tracking device, the three LEAF interns begin their journey into the wetlands of Orchard Bog Preserve.
  • A view of Desiree, Jamee and Taylor (L to R) listening carefully for a radio signal with the hills of Shady Valley in the background.
  • The three LEAF interns hunt in the tall wetland grass, hoping to get closer to their goal of finding a bog turtle.
  • The LEAF interns pick up a promising radio signal!
  • Lynn Eastin steps in to show the girls how to refine their search as the signal becomes stronger.
  • Desiree reaches through the thick wetland vegetation to pull out a bog turtle.
  • Desiree holds the bog turtle located using the radio telemetry tracking equipment.
  • The LEAF interns take turns holding and studying the bog turtle. It's a female.
  • Jamee, Desiree and Taylor (L to R) pose with the turtle, thrilled to have successfully located such a small creature within the 173 acres that comprise Orchard Bog Preserve.
  • The three victorious LEAF interns walk into the distance in Orchard Bog Preserve, ready for their next conservation discovery.
Bog Turtle Encounter
Three LEAF interns spend a day tracking a rare bog turtle in The Nature Conservancy's Orchard Bog Preserve in Shady Valley.

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