Bog Turtle Encounter

Three LEAF interns spend a day tracking a rare bog turtle in The Nature Conservancy's Orchard Bog Preserve in Shady Valley.

Before heading out to find a bog turtle, LEAF interns Taylor Lindsay, Desiree Evans and Jamee Carroll (L to R) learn about the equipment they'll use from Lynn Eastin, the Shady Valley Program's biological technician.

Lynn teaches the interns how to operate the sensitive radio telemetry equipment they will use to locate the bog turtle, which has a tiny antenna glued to its shell. Lynn tracks the turtles so that the Conservancy and the Knoxville Zoo can protect and study them.

Armed with a radio telemetry tracking device, the three LEAF interns begin their journey into the wetlands of Orchard Bog Preserve.

A view of Desiree, Jamee and Taylor (L to R) listening carefully for a radio signal with the hills of Shady Valley in the background.

The three LEAF interns hunt in the tall wetland grass, hoping to get closer to their goal of finding a bog turtle.

The LEAF interns pick up a promising radio signal!

Lynn Eastin steps in to show the girls how to refine their search as the signal becomes stronger.

Desiree reaches through the thick wetland vegetation to pull out a bog turtle.

Desiree holds the bog turtle located using the radio telemetry tracking equipment.

The LEAF interns take turns holding and studying the bog turtle. It's a female.

Jamee, Desiree and Taylor (L to R) pose with the turtle, thrilled to have successfully located such a small creature within the 173 acres that comprise Orchard Bog Preserve.

The three victorious LEAF interns walk into the distance in Orchard Bog Preserve, ready for their next conservation discovery.


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