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5 Things You Can Do in Your Community to Help the Earth

Here's a little secret: Protecting and giving back to our planet can be fun. So rally your friends, neighbors and colleagues and get started with our ideas below. Then watch as your community reaps the benefits.

1. Organize a neighborhood tree planting party. Trees give us oxygen, provide wildlife habitat and brighten up the scenery.

2. Gather co-workers after work to clean up trash along lakes and rivers. Reschedule that next happy hour and bring folks outside instead.

3. Coordinate a free E-Recycling Day to properly dispose of e-waste. Work with your local government to plan an event where it's easy to get rid of old televisions, cell phones and computers.

4. Start a community garden. Eating local, organic food nourishes our planet and our bodies.

5. Volunteer at your favorite conservation organization like The Nature Conservancy. Be a part of something big when you join our community!

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