Birds of a Rhode Island Winter

Venture out in the cold?  Just do it!  Then...look and listen carefully for those hardy souls.

Walk through a scrubby field filled with golden rod after a new snow.  You may find birds such as this Savannah Sparrow foraging on the emerging seed heads.

Snow the Snow!  Snow Buntings move south from their breeding grounds in the tundra to forage along the open shores of lakes, coastlines and weedy fields.

Cedar Waxwing - Berry Joy

The Red-bellied Woodpecker has become a more frequently witnessed year-round resident of Rhode Island.

Cooperative Foraging!  Do you recognize any of these species at your feeder?  From top to bottom and left to right.  Common Redpoll, American Goldfinch, White-throated Sparrow, American Goldfinch, House Finch and American Tree Sparrow.

Northern Flicker on suet feeder.  Amazingly beautiful birds in your own back yard!

 Look up at a tall evergreen and into the falling snow!  You might see a flock of Purple Finch foraging on the seeds of pine cones.

Visit one of our Rhode Island preserves an take a hike on an evergreen-lined trail.  Look to the tops of the trees and listen carefully for Pine Siskins.

Northern Harriers that do not migrate south will spend the winter in coastal marshes and off-shore islands of Rhode Island

Purple Sandpipers forage along the Rhode Island coastline during the winter.  Look for them in small groups along the rocky shoreline. 

Snowy Owl in a dunescape.  While strolling along Rhode Island beaches this winter look for anomalies in the landscape.  You never know what might be there!

The Ivory Gull breeds in the arctic and is a very rare visitor to Rhode Island.  It was discovered by the photographer on a frozen coastal pond feeding on the remains of a Black Duck.


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