• This collection represents a fraction of the 1,115 species identified on the U.S. endangered species list. I want to compose a showcase for these imperiled creatures, capturing their wide range of forms, patterns, textures and personalities.
  • Plover, piping — Charadrius melodus
    These birds live and nest on coastal beaches and shoals. The species is named after its call—a plaintive bell-like whistle.
  • Lizard, blunt-nosed leopard — Gambelia silus
    Part of the Iguanidae family, these lizards have long, regenerative tails, powerful hind limbs, and short, blunt snouts.
  • Bobwhite, masked (quail) — Colinus virginianus ridgwayi
    Female masked bobwhite superficially resemble female and juvenile Montezuma quail giving rise to numerous false reports of “bobwhite.”

  • Snake, San Francisco garter — Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia
    These slender, colorful garter snakes are in the Colubridae family, which includes most of the species of snakes found in the western U.S. Large adults can reach 3 feet or more in length.
  • Fox, San Joaquin kit — Vulpes macrotis mutica
    This kit fox is the smallest fox in North America, weighing about 5 pounds. It is a member of the Canidae family, which includes dogs, wolves and foxes.
  • Crayfish, Nashville — Orconectes shoupi

    Endemic to Tennessee, this rare crayfish resides on Mill Creek in Davidson and Williamson counties.
  • Toad, Wyoming — Bufo baxteri (=hemiophrys)
    At its full size, the Wyoming toad is only two inches long. This toad looks lumpy – its body is covered with warts and its head has a humped ridge.
  • “Endangered” is on display from June 5-30, 2013 at 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia and will be showcased during First Friday on June 7 from 5-9 pm. More information at
"Endangered" Art
Explore artist Sarah Kaizar's "Endangered" art exhibit, which profiles imperiled species.

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