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Marko Bey, Forestry Job Trainer

Ashland, Oregon

Paul Bunyan the lumberjack made a living out of harvesting trees. But healthy forests provide a living for many, many other people, like Oregon resident Marko Bey.

What do you do?

Marko Bey:

Lomakatsi is a nonprofit organization that designs and implements ecological restoration projects in damaged forests and watersheds throughout southern Oregon and northern California. Guided by social and ecological principles, we train and employ hundreds of skilled workers. Our work is done in collaboration with a broad range of partners including private landowners, industry, land conservancies, city and park municipalities, Native American tribes, and federal and state land management agencies.

How does a healthy forest help you earn a living?

Marko Bey:

Lomakatsi implements the practice of restoration forestry and we earn our living working on forests previously impacted by industrial forestry and or fire suppression. Restoration forestry is a holistic management approach where ecosystem management objectives are the guiding factor and timber extraction is the secondary byproduct of restoration activities with the recovery of forest diversity, health, integrity, and resiliency being the main objectives. By working to restore ecologically and economically sustainable native forests that are, or after reasonable restoration, will be representative of historic landscapes, we are also serving a society's need for forest products and services. Since 2005 we’ve generated more than $12 million in wages for forest restoration and logging operators on public and private lands, translating into about 200 seasonal jobs.

How long have you been in business?

Marko Bey:

Since 1995, we have helped restore ecological balance on thousands of acres of public and private land while creating hundreds of job in the emerging restoration industry.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

Marko Bey:

We enjoy the integration of ecology and economy. Our efforts work to restore health and resiliency to forest ecosystems while simultaneously creating jobs in ecosystem restoration which helps to foster sustainable communities, cultures and economies.

What do you hope for the future of your forest?

Marko Bey:

Lomakatsi’s vision for the future of the forests is a landscape that is in a healthy and resilient condition so the natural disturbance process of fire can play its critical role for maintaining a mosaic of diverse habitats. We envision a positive relationship between people and the forest that through a holistic and restorative ecological caretaking approach, positive livelihoods are created for many generations to come.

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