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  • The Nature Conservancy recently bought 27 parcels of land — more than 10 square miles — in the heart of the rugged Hells Canyon National Recreation Area in Eastern Oregon. © Vic Coggins/ODFW
  • Destined for public ownership within the national forest, the new parcels are a gateway to hundreds of thousands of acres of biologically important lands. © Derek Johnson/TNC
  • Fourteen key fish and wildlife species, including Oregon’s largest Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep herd, occupy this area. © Vic Coggins/ODFW
  • The 27 land parcels, totaling 6,673 acres, are private inholdings surrounded by National Forest, concentrated mainly along seven miles of the Imnaha River and six miles of tributary creeks. © Rick McEwan
  • Public ownership would ensure public access for fishing, hunting and hiking on lands previously closed to the public. © Rick McEwan
  • Volunteers, like this group on horseback, do area restoration work including fence repair or removal, facilities maintenance and weed removal. © Hector del Castillo/courtesy of ODFW
  • The streams and their floodplains on the 27 parcels provide habitat for Snake River steelhead, Snake River Chinook salmon and bull trout, all federally listed as threatened species. © Rick McEwan
Haven in Hells Canyon

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