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Mark Stern, Forests Team Lead

“I became interested in natural history at an early age, and spent a lot of time when I was young outside, identifying species of plants, birds and animals. Trees were certainly a big part of that, and I became familiar with the types of trees in the areas around me. I’m still identifying trees, in a way, as I work with Oregon’s incredibly diverse forests. They cover a fascinating landscape, from the coast over through Eastern Oregon.”

Since 1995, Mark has focused on conservation issues in and around the Klamath Basin. He’s overseen restoration and management at the Willamson River Delta and Sycan Marsh preserves. He now also directs the Conservancy’s efforts in Southwest Oregon.

Before joining the Conservancy, Mark was the zoology program manager for the Oregon Natural Heritage Program (now known as the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center), where he worked with threatened, endangered and sensitive species. He holds a B.A. in Geography from Clark University and an M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from Oregon State University.


Mark Stern

Klamath Basin Conservation Director and Oregon Forest Team Lead

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