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Jena Carter, Marine Team Lead

“I saw the ocean for the first time when I was a young child but I didn’t really ‘see’ the ocean for all its wonder and beauty until I started a series of trips that took me from France to the Dominican Republic. I was so moved by the diversity of landscapes and marine creatures that I changed careers — from marketing to ocean and coastal policy. In the 18 years I have worked on conserving the salty waters of our Earth, I continue to be amazed at the role oceans and estuaries play in our daily lives.”

Jena’s been working for The Nature Conservancy since 2007. She works with Oregon’s ocean and coast — from the Coast Range out to 200 nautical miles in the ocean, to conserve Oregon’s coastal resources. Her work focuses on estuary conservation, marine spatial planning, fisheries and energy development.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, Jena worked at the Coastal States Organization in Washington D.C., as well as at the National Governors Association, United States Senate, Rhode Island State Senate, and the City of Warwick. Jena received a Masters in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelor degree in Marketing from Truman State University.


Jena Carter

Oregon Marine and Coast Conservation Director and Marine Team Lead

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