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Garth Fuller, Deserts Team Lead

“My family did the classic, tourist road trips when I was young, and that was my first exposure to deserts. In high school, I traveled on my own throughout the southwestern U.S. and in Montana and Wyoming. When I applied for a job with The Nature Conservancy in Oregon, getting to work with the desert was a big draw. The size and scope of the landscape is inspiring. When you’re out there, in the Steens or at Hart Mountain, the ecosystem is as far as the eye can see. They’re huge, living landscapes.”

Before joining the Conservancy’s Minnesota program in 1994, Garth worked on the population genetics of rare and endangered animals with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the University of Canterbury (NZ). After completing a Masters in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, he transitioned to the field of land conservation and management. In 2004, Garth began working for the Conservancy in Oregon, in the Bend office. He oversees the Conservancy’s efforts in Eastern Oregon, with an emphasis on shrub steppe and sage grouse conservation, as well as energy development and siting.


Garth Fuller

Eastern Oregon Conservation Director and Deserts Team Lead

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