Celebrating 50 Years of Conservation

Like a migrating sandhill crane, time really does fly.

Hi, I'm Russ Hoeflich, the Conservancy's Oregon director. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been with the Oregon program for almost half of our five decades, working side by side with so many friends and partners. Hundreds of trustees, thousands of volunteers and literally tens of thousands of members have made our conservation success possible.

So let me begin by saying, profoundly, thank you. You are responsible for a legacy of protected places in Oregon that is truly monumental.

I invite you to join us — once again — on a journey through time.

In the features below, we’ll see incredible places, share memories, and hear from people who have helped shape The Nature Conservancy’s first fifty years in Oregon. With a multitude of great projects and dedicated people to choose from, it wasn’t easy to pick a few. We won’t cover everything but, as your guide, I promise a fun and inspiring ride

Then you can share your wish for what comes next. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves ...

Russell Hoeflich

Oregon Director, The Nature Conservancy

A lifelong conservationist and avid birder, Russell Hoeflich has been director of The Nature Conservancy in Oregon since 1987. He began working for the organization 30 years ago, yet initially partnered with us to restore habitats at his New York high school.

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