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Volunteer Crew Chiefs and Project Leaders

Please call if you need to cancel

If you have signed up for a project and have questions about it, our volunteer Crew Chiefs and Project Leaders would be happy to talk to you to answer your questions.  Below are their phone numbers.

Please remember, if you have signed up for a project, we are counting on you.  If you realize that you can't participate in a project for which you have signed up, please call the volunteer Crew Chief or Project Leader to cancel before the morning of the project. 

  • KAREN ADAIR, staff (Northeast Ohio Preserve Manager), cell phone (330) 687-2134
  • BRIAN BALSLEY, volunteer crew chief at The Edge of Appalachia, (513) 608-1461 (cell), (513) 541-9144 (home)
  • CHRIS BEDEL, Cincinnati Museum Center Edge of Appalachia Preserve Program Director, (937) 544-2880
  • AMY BRENNAN, volunteer crew chief at Morgan Swamp, (440) 655-1021
  • CHUCK FLETCHER, volunteer crew chief at White Pine Bog Forest, (440) 834-8392
  • AUGUST FROEHLICH, staff (GIS Analyst), (614) 717-2770 ext. 150
  • BRAD GAMBLE, volunteer crew chief at Beck Fen, (740) 965-3685
  • BILL HESSON, volunteer crew chief at Edge of Appalachia Preserves, (937) 488-2203
  • ROSS LEBOLD, staff (Land Protection Specialist), (614) 717-2770 ext. 151 
  • RICH MCCARTY, staff (Edge of Appalachia Preserve Manager), (937) 544-2188
  • DAVE MINNEY, staff (Southern Ohio Preserves Manager), (740) 947-2365
  • Volunteer Program & Conservation Coordinator, (614) 717-2770 ext. 44
  • JIM NOE, volunteer crew chief at Tefft Memorial Preserve, (740) 374-8514
  • TODD POCHADT, volunteer crew chief at Kitty Todd, (419) 720-9810 (day), (419) 885-7119 (night)
  • MARK PURDY, volunteer crew chief at Herrick Fen, (330) 666-6927
  • JANET TRAUB AND JIM TOPPIN, volunteer crew chiefs at Kitty Todd Preserve, (419) 877-5009
  • STEVE ZAKEM,volunteer crew chief at Flatiron Lake Bog, (440) 227-4349  


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