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  • The Conservancy’s Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve protects a complex of underground seeps, which contribute millions of gallons of clean, cold water to tributary streams of nearby Big Darby Creek, the healthiest and most diverse aquatic system of its size in the Midwest. © Randall Scheiber
  • Hundreds of millions of birds migrate through and breed in Lake Erie and the Great Lakes regions. Conservancy scientists are locating and protecting stopover sites on the western shores of Lake Erie that are most critical to migratory birds. © ODNR
  • Wetland restoration work at the Conservancy’s biologically rich Kitty Todd Preserve is helping to keep the Maumee River and Lake Erie free of pollutants. © August Froehlich/TNC
  • In addition to supporting millions of people, Lake Erie and the Great Lakes region sustain an astonishing array of plants and animals – 46 species that are found nowhere else in the world, and 279 globally rare plants, animals and natural communities. © Anthony Sasson/TNC
  • The Conservancy’s 13,500-acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve helps to nourish and protect Ohio Brush Creek, an important tributary to the Ohio River. © Terry Seidel/TNC
  • The lifeblood of the region, the state-border-defining Ohio River not only is an ecological foundation for astonishing mussel and fish populations, but also an economic backbone that props farming, industry and recreation. © Mark Godfrey/TNC
The Nature Conservancy in Ohio
Ohio Fresh Water

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