A Taste of Conservation

Ohio Chefs Make 'Going Green' Delicious

What did you eat today? You may be struggling to remember what you ate, let alone know how these foods were grown and made their way to your plate!
With so many choices, it’s hard to always know where your food comes from and, harder still, to know what type of effect it may have on the places you love. But, the fact is, you influence the quality of the lands and waters you care about each time you choose the type of food you eat, the time of year you eat it and the place you buy it from. 
The Nature Conservancy knows that healthy food equals healthy nature—and that healthy nature equals healthy food. We’re working globally at the intersection of nature, food and clean water by:
·       Protecting important natural areas that filter pollutants out of our drinking water supplies
·       Promoting sustainable agricultural practices that keep soil healthy and improve the quality of the rivers, lakes and oceans we fish from
·       Addressing the effects climate change may have on the food we grow by reducing emissions from deforestation and supporting key climate change policies
With your support, we’re making the world a healthier place to live, for people and nature. But we’re not alone. 

Get a taste of conservation as you explore the ways these three top Ohio chefs are working hard to ensure that what goes into your mouth is easy on the environment. 

Jonathon Sawyer, The Greenhouse Tavern

Kevin Malhame, Northstar Café

Mary Swortwood, Green Dog Café


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