Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks’
Battelle Darby Creek

Credit: Mac Albin


1775 Darby Creek Drive
Galloway, OH 43119

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Site Overview

As the largest of Franklin County’s Metro Parks, Battelle Darby Creek boasts more than 7,000 acres of prairies, fields and forests, and more than 20 miles of riparian forest along the Big and Little Darby Creeks. The Darby creeks are noted nationally for their tremendous diversity and abundance of both aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.

Since 1983, The Nature Conservancy has acquired and transferred several hundred acres of park land to this Metro Park.  Additionally, the Conservancy was a leader in establishing the Big Darby Accord, which is an agreement approved by City of Columbus and municipalities in the vicinity of the park to implement protective watershed development guidelines.

Why It Matters

The Darby creeks, which are designated state and national scenic rivers, have received national acclaim for the diversity and abundance of both aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals. The systems harbor approximately 100 species of fish, including five that are on Ohio’s endangered list, as well as 45 species of freshwater mussels, eight of which are endangered species in Ohio.

A tributary of the Scioto River, Big Darby Creek helps to protect the drinking water quality of area residents, who enjoy the park’s more than 18 miles of trails and creek canoe access. 

Natural Treasures Landmark

Join hundreds of others who have chronicled their adventures! Take a picture of yourself at the Ancient Trail trailhead at Battelle Darby Creek and and upload it to our site.

Fun Things to Do and See

While on the hunt for the landmark, enjoy the abundant adventures this Ohio treasure has to offer. The thrill of nature can be experienced at any level!

Patio Dweller

  • Get your hands and clothes dirty and experience the joy of being a kid again—with your kids. Map out your off-trail nature experience by playing king of the tree and queen of the rock.
  • Roll up your pants and practice your rock-skipping skills as you wade in the stream. Be sure to count the number of skips and give a high-five to the person who has the most!  

Backyard Camper

  • Bring your binoculars! Have you heard there is a herd of six female bison along the Darby Creek Greenway Trail?
  • Clip on your pedometer to count your steps to visit them. The bison have two pastures they call home.
  • Can you spot which one is planted with native prairie grasses and which one is planted with fescue?   Bison graze to meet their nutritional needs. Let us know how many bison you saw and how many were grazing during your visit.

Frontier Explorer

  • Plan an adventure with your four-legged friend and bring your leashed pet to the Pleasant Valley Area. Let your pet pick which of the three trails to explore first.
  • Let your dog cool off in the dog swimming area.
  • While your dog rests from the day of play, take a break yourself and fish in one of the two quarry lakes.

We’re Accountable

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