Hervey McIver, Onslow Bight Project Director

Hervey McIver

Onslow Bight Project Director (Durham)

I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC with family roots running deep within NC. I have lived in Hillsborough in the same house for 29 years, a house old enough to have all the issues they do but not old enough to hang one of those historical signs in front. I went to Williams College in Massachusetts where I knew TNC’s (now) president, Mark Tercek.

I am happily married to Jane McIver and have three grown children, Carynne (27), Thomas (24) and Louisa (21). 

I enjoy gardening, working in the yard, small home projects and should get back into woodworking. Other hobbies are canoeing, hiking and backpacking. 

Year started at TNC: I was initially contracted by the NC field office in 1980 to determine what was on the land in the Green Swamp (then recently donated) and what we do with it (management wise). I was salaried for ~1.5 years in 1981-82 doing various stewardship tasks and management plans and then returned in 1997 as a protection specialist. TNC has changed so much over the years.

Favorite TNC Preserve and why: I enjoy Shaken Creek Savanna because it is a fantastically diverse place with new secrets always being revealed. I was also involved with its acquisition so it is near and dear to me. It is a wonderful place to “play God” which is another way of saying “manage.” 

If things had worked out differently, I might have preferred concentrating my work in the mountains because I love them. Bluff Mountain has always been a special place in the early years and now.

A typical good day for you at work: A very good day in the office would be making notable progress on a deal to purchase of nice piece of land. A better day is finding myself canoeing, kayaking, or walking along while “working” on a preserve or land we hope to preserve.

Place in the world you would most like to visit but have never been to: Much of Africa, the mountains and deserts of central Asia and the transition between the Andes and the Amazon.


Hervey McIver

Onslow Bight Project Director (Durham)


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