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New York

New York City: Urban Forests

There is a proven way to cool things off without having to lug an AC unit from the hardware store and install it in your window. This summer, dedicate just one Saturday to cooling off naturally—and helping the planet—by adding some trees to the city's landscape. That’s right: Growing our urban forests may be the secret to beating the heat in New York City.

Did you know...
  • New York City is home to more than 5 million trees. Trees cover almost a quarter of the city, and there’s more than 6,000 acres of woodlands in our parks alone.
  • There are more than 168 species of trees in New York City. Walking down the streets and through the parks here you’ll see London planetrees, Norway maples, black cherry trees and sweetgums among others.
  • One tree can remove up to 26 pounds of carbon a year, the equivalent of 11,000 miles of car emissions.
  • Trees affect the weather: By planting enough trees in the right places, we can shade buildings and sidewalks and make a serious impact on the heat. In winter, trees that are properly placed around buildings as windbreaks can save up to a quarter of winter heating costs.
  • Lack of space, invasive species and physical threats like vandalism and storms mean our urban forests are at risk.
You can help!
Request a tree

If you can’t make our volunteer day, request a tree on your street from the New York City Parks Department by simply filling out a forestry service request form online. The Parks Department plants street trees, free-of-charge, on sidewalks in front of homes, apartment buildings, and businesses in all five boroughs.

Take Care of Your Trees

Care for the trees in your neighborhood by keeping an eye out for damaged or unhealthy trees, and letting the city know if something doesn’t look right. Signs of a sick/dead tree include blackened or fewer leaves, brittle or peeling bark, and lost branches.


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