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New York

Invasive Species

Latest News about Invasives

“Invasive” plant and animal species disrupt important ecosystem functions that native species and people need to survive. They can also create public health hazards and devastate economies: invasives have caused more than $150 billion in damages nationally and $1.4 trillion worldwide. New York is currently facing threats to native species from a number of invasives, including emerald ash borer, Eurasian boar, zebra mussels and giant hogweed.

The Nature Conservancy has been at the forefront of developing strategies for addressing invasive species, by integrating prevention, early detection, rapid response, public education, and policy initiatives. We have the on-the-ground expertise to identify and map invasives in the field, take steps to reduce the threat, and when warranted monitor sites to make sure no invasives reappear. Using GIS-based data management systems we develop tools that help citizen scientists and natural resource managers to prevent, detect and reduce the causes and impacts of the most harmful invasive species.

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