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Eating for the Earth

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What goes in your mouth should be both good for you and for nature. Here are 5 easy steps you, the consumer, can take to decipher what foods are good for the environment.

5 Easy Steps...
1. Eat Smart

Food labels and eco-certifications can sometimes look like they're written in a secret code. Ask where your food comes from and get to know those labels so you can make smart eating decisions.

2. Eat Local

Follow the example of some of New York City's most renowned chefs: Find out where your fruits, vegetables and meat comes from and try to stick to local ingredients.

3. Eat Sustainably

Fill your plate with—delicious and sustainable—seafood like clams from Great South Bay and scallops from the Peconic Estuary. Sustainable fishing and agriculture will become increasingly important as the population grows.

4. Eat Green

Mom was more right than she knew—plates full of veggies are good for both you and nature.

5. Eat Out

At The Nature Conservancy, we like to celebrate Earth Day with a Picnic for the Planet. But you don't have to wait until April 22 to grab your friends and your basket. Eating outdoors is a great reminder that our food comes from the Earth.


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