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Eastern New York

Sam's Point: Call of the Wild

Home to nearly 40 rare plants and animals and three rare natural communities, the Northern Shawangunks represent one of the highest priorities for conservation in the northeastern United States.  So, whether you consider yourself a first-rate birder or a just a novice at wildlife identification, you're bound to find something out-of-the ordinary at Sam's Point.

What to See: Birds

More than 200 species of migratory and nesting birds call Sam's Point home.  With binoculars in tow, you're sure to see some tiny warblers or flycatchers flitting about.  Larger birds can be seen as well, like hawks, falcons, vultures, and ravens.

What to See: Other Wildlife

Black bears, bobcats, foxes, fishers, timber rattlesnakes, and spotted salamanders can all be found at Sam's Point.

What to See: Plants

While not as fuzzy as a fox or as far traveled as a migratory songbird, Sam's Point is still a haven for some amazingly rare and endangered plants and flowers.  Pitch pine is the dominant tree in the minimally fertile pine barrens, while blueberry, huckleberry and sheep laurel comprise most of the shrub layer.

A few of the rare species you might come upon are clustered sedge, appalachian sandwort, mountain spleenwort, artic rush, and rhodora. 

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