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  • Tug Hill is comprised of largely undeveloped northern hardwood forests, extensive wetlands, and the headwaters of 4,000 miles of rivers and streams.
  • The 150,000-acre Central Tug Hill Forest is one of the three largest, intact forests in New York State.
  • Due to its large size and diverse mix of forests, wetlands, and streams, Tug Hill provides habitat for a wide variety of animals.
  • Many birds, including the rare three-toed woodpecker, wood thrush, veery, and great blue heron (shown above) spend all or part of the year on Tug Hill.
  • By preserving Tug Hill, we will also protect the water quality of the 4,000 miles of rivers and streams that flow off Tug Hill, which includes the drinking water supply for the city of Rome.
  • Tug Hill is famous for its heavy snowfall. Over 200 inches of snow falls each year, and it is not uncommon to see second-floor entries on the area's old cabins.
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