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See how we work with New York's lawmakers to conserve the land and water on which all life depends

Thank You for Supporting Climate Resilience in New York!

New York State has taken a tremendous step toward climate change resilience with the passage of the Community Risk Reduction and Resiliency Act. This important legislation, signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sept. 22 and supported by a coalition led by The Nature Conservancy, requires decision makers to use the best available science in order to proactively consider sea level rise, storm surge, and flooding when issuing certain state funding and permits.

The bill, which was passed in part thanks to the vocal support of our members who downloaded letters and mailed them to Gov. Cuomo, implements some of the recommendations made by the NYS 2100 Commission, established following Superstorm Sandy to report on ways to improve the State’s resilience. The Nature Conservancy was honored to be appointed to that Commission and help shape that important report. We are now proud to say that with this new law, New York State recognizes that our climate is changing, and that being prepared is the most prudent way to mitigate risk. Thank you for helping to make this change happen!

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