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  • Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint included The Nature Conservancy in their estate plans in 2013, becoming Central and Western New York’s newest members of The Legacy Club.
  • They were prompted to give back by their love and gratitude for wild places, which they also see as gateways to imagination and spiritual health.
  • Working as EcoArtTech since 2005, the two professors study the environmental imagination–from nature and built spaces to electronic environments. Here, Leila experiments with a web-cam driven hiking app as part of an art-residency at Joya: Arte y Ecología near Vélez Blanco, Spain.
  • The couple created a mobile media app called “Indeterminate Hikes” to transform everyday landscapes into sites of diversity and wildness through a series of walking tours.
  • Leila and Cary are interested in how mobile technology — often used for rapid communication — can also be used as a tool of imagination and discovery.
  • Through a series of prompts, Indeterminate Hikes encourages users to give virtually any place accessible by Google Maps the same attention they would give to a natural wonder like a canyon or waterfall.
  • Leila and Cary have led many group hikes using their app. Rochester residents can look forward to an EcoArtTech-led hike with The Nature Conservancy in spring 2014.
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