New Mexico

San Juan Restoration in Pictures

We're restoring habitat diversity to sections of the river with partners. Why? So fish populations can again thrive.

New Mexico's San Juan River and its surrounding lands have faced some serious challenges over the years, ranging from uranium and coal mining, to oil and gas development, to the construction of Navajo Dam.

Restoration in progress: Backhoes and other machinery restore secondary channels in the river, generating much-needed nursery and spawning habitat for native fish.

Once naturally abundant in the San Juan River, the Colorado pikeminnow underwent rapid decline in the 20th century.

The San Juan River has faced some big challenges, and some of these obstacles take big equipment to fix.

The Nature Conservancy's Patrick McCarthy discusses restoration plans.

Machines (and human hands) have yanked up non-native tamarisks and Russian olives and planted native vegetation on the San Juan River.

By restoring natural flows, we’re giving endangered native fish a chance to recover.

Learn more about our work on the San Juan River >>

Without your support, this important conservation work would not be possible. Donate for Nature >>


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