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What's Your Water I.Q.?

Are You Water Wise?

When you turn on your tap in New Mexico, how much do you know about where that water comes from? Select from the answers below to test your water I.Q. and reconnect with the water that sustains both human and natural communities in New Mexico.

  1. Where does Santa Fe’s watershed originate?

    Pecos Wilderness Area

    Pecos Wilderness Area | Correct

    Gila National Forest

    Gila National Forest | Incorrect

    Cibola National Forest

    Cibola National Forest | Incorrect

    San Juan National Forest (Arizona)

    San Juan National Forest (Arizona) | Incorrect

  2. Lakes and rivers make up what percent of New Mexico’s total surface area?


    25% | Incorrect


    12% | Incorrect


    3% | Incorrect


    .002% | Correct

  3. What New Mexico river runs the entire length of the state?

    Gila River

    Gila River | Incorrect

    Pecos River

    Pecos River | Incorrect

    Rio Grande River

    Rio Grande River | Correct

    San Juan River

    San Juan River | Incorrect

  4. What is the average annual precipitation in Albuquerque?


    15” | Incorrect


    20” | Incorrect


    3” | Incorrect


    9” | Correct

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