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Small actions can add up to make big differences when it comes to protecting our waters.

Kristen Bell talks Water

Actress Kristen Bell explains why she is concerned about water conservation to Conservancy scientist Sanjayan.


Forests act as nature's own water filters, providing us with clean drinking water.

Experiment and Learn

Do you want to know more about how forests really connect to our faucets? How do trees help keep the water you drink clean? Here are some ways of learning more and testing out your own ideas to experiment and demonstrate the value of forests and freshwater.

Take Action and Conserve

Actions we take every day can add up to help protect healthy forests, healthy watersheds, and healthy water supplies. Do you know what you can do to help reduce the amount of water you use and to prevent pollutants from contaminating our streams and drinking water?

  • Clean Water New Jersey - Checkout these pictures that illustrate the effects of certain actions on our water supply.  Learn how you can help keep our water clean!
  • Conserve Water at Home- Interesting facts about water and water use, as well as Do's and Don'ts from the Delaware River Basin Commission.
  • Pledge to do what you and your family can to help- The EPA's pledge form is a great reminder of different ways to help conserve our water resources and to commit to help protect them.





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