30th Annual World Series of Birding

Team Nature: Birding for a Cause

On May 11, an intrepid four-person team from The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey will comb the Cumberland County countryside in search of our state’s finest feathered friends during the 30th Annual World Series of Birding.

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The contest, hosted by New Jersey Audubon, challenges participants to identify the greatest number of bird species possible by sight or sound in a designated 24-hour period (a single team observed nearly 230 species one year) and raise money for conservation through sponsorships in the process.

Meet Our Team

We have a strong squad for this historic challenge, anchored by Director of Conservation Bob Allen, Delaware River and Bay Project Director Eric Olsen and White Lake Land Steward Allen Barlow. Cape May Preserve coordinator Adrianna Zito-Livingston, a newcomer to the World Series of Birding, will add a fresh perspective—and the keen eyes and ears she’s honed managing the Cape May Meadows preserve.

The four will lead a caffeinated charge through the forests, plains and beaches of Cumberland County—a region we chose for its habitat diversity—seeking everything avian from the mourning doves of dawn to the black-crowned night herons of dusk.

“Last year we got underway in the darkness, encountering an amazing pair of Barred Owls that put on a show calling to each other at Bear Swamp Wildlife Management Area,” says Bob Allen. “We logged a huge diversity of birds throughout the day and night, including meadowlarks, warbling vireos and black-bellied plovers—130 species in total. It was incredible.”

Support Our Efforts

Your gift helps ensure healthy lands for future generations of birds - and birders!

Though there will be plenty of camaraderie, adventure and valuable field work performed during our bid for the World Series title, we are really doing this for the wildlife—and that’s where you can be part of our team! Please consider sponsoring Team Nature by donating a lump sum or pledging on a per-bird basis. Your contributions will directly support our vital work to protect and steward critical bird habitat in New Jersey.

Every dollar you give helps us band and monitor another raptor, helps us ensure another red knot has enough sustenance during its stopover in Cape May to continue on its epic journey to the Arctic Circle, and helps us safeguard the open space, clean water and forest health that all species depend upon in New Jersey. Help us make the World Series of Birding a home run for New Jersey’s birds--sponsor us now!

Go Birding with Us

Experience the World Series of Birding first-person, without getting your shoes muddy! We spend weeks in advance of the World Series scouting the best sites, so on the day of the competition we have an educated itinerary to find the maximum number of songbirds, water birds, migratory birds, raptors, and everything in between.

For the first time ever, we will be sharing our journey—the bird sightings, call identifications, and stops for coffee—in real time via social media. If you haven’t already, we invite you to Follow Us on Twitter or Like our page on Facebook for our on-the-ground (and in-the-air?) reporting from sites like the Millville Airport, Fortescue Beach, Shaw Mill Pond and the East Point Lighthouse.

Let’s get birding!

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