From Boroughs to Birches

Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future in New Hampshire

Four student interns from New York City spend a month in the wilds of NH. This is their story.

View a slideshow of "New Hampshire Welcomes the Minions" written by our 2010 LEAF interns!

Meet Darlene, Mei Juan, Ariana, Marquia and their mentor, Sara.  They are the New Hampshire Chapter's 2013 crop of LEAF interns: Leaders in Environmental Actoin for the Future.  You'll get to know them well through their blog, From Boroughs To Birches.

Under Sara's encouraging eyes and The Nature Conservancy's thoughtful guidance, the four girls will hike, boat, shovel, lug and swim their way around the Granite State, experiencing the wonders of a place far from the pavement, yellow cabs, honking horns and hustle bustle of the Big Apple. They'll encounter firsts: first campfires, first paddle trips and first times staring down an invasive plant - and pulling it mercilessly.

It is on their blog that they'll tell their story along the way, sharing their thoughts, photos and videos in their own words. We hope that you'll follow along and share in their journey. It's sure to take many twists and turns as they move from the boroughs to the birches!

To whet your appetite, view a slideshow of our 2010 interns' creative book about their experience!








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