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  • Volunteers from the Patagonia Reno Distribution Center have put in more than 350 hours restoring wetland areas at McCarran Ranch Preserve.

  • Rebuilding healthy wetlands is one of the key tasks for the Conservancy's restoration sites along the Truckee River.
  • Volunteers spread mulch at The Nature Conservancy's McCarran Ranch Preserve.
  • These volunteers line up to prepare tree cuttings to plant.
  • Planting cottonwoods and willows gives restored wetlands a jumpstart on recovery. 

  • Hard at work, but still enjoying being out on the Truckee River.
  • Wetland work can be wet and muddy!
  • A four-legged volunteer even pitched in - no shovel needed to plant trees!
  • Planting trees may be hard work, but it's fun, too.
  • This team makes short work of putting up a fence to protect new plants from hungry wildlife.
  • Volunteers wrap newly planted trees so they have a chance to grow before deer can eat them.
  • The volunteer team finish off their plantings with a nice drink of fresh water.
  • The volunteers take a break for a group photo.
Patagonia Volunteers
Making a Difference in Nevada

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