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Some of rural Nebraska's fiercest supporters live and work on the eastern edge of the state. 

Philanthropists Dick Holland and his late wife, Mary, made their home in Omaha - but they considered themselves foremost to be Nebraskans.  Their family spent time traveling around Nebraska every year.  Dick says he's always felt a connection to this land, "from the rolling country outside of Omaha, to the Sandhills, to the hay meadows, to the bluffs in the far west."

Nebraska is so much more than where we live.  It's who we are.

Whether you live in Omaha, Dick says, or Scottsbluff - in Lincoln or Ogallala - we're all linked.  To each other, to the rest of America, to the rest of the world.  This place is part of a global system and it's our place. 

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