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  • Murray-Douglas project.
  • Lupine in full splendor on the project land.
  • The land is excellent habitat for elk.
  • Lazuli Bunting is one species found on this project land.
  • It takes a team to put together a project this ambitious. Gene Coughlin, Tracy Manley, Steve Kloetzel (TNC), Chris Bryant (TNC), Jay Kolbe (FWP), Camille Coughlin, and Jay Coughlin.
  • Working ranches and forests are part of this project.
  • Two ranch families were essential partners in conserving this extraordinary place.
  • Camille and Jay Coughlin, Blackfoot River Ranch.
  • Sheila, Tracy, John, and Cody Manley, Manley Ranch.
  • A Killdeer guards its nest.
  • The next generation: Killdeer nest.
  • The next generation: Colby and John Manley.
Murray-Douglas Project
Photos by Kenton Rowe.

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