Why Bison? Take a Quiz!

Dunn Ranch Prairie is now home to a thriving bison herd - find out how much you know about this iconic species!

The Conservancy’s Dunn Ranch Prairie, located in the heart of the Grand River Grasslands in northwest Missouri, is entering one of the most dramatic and exciting phases of prairie restoration: the reintroduction of bison onto the landscape. The bison’s presence on the prairie will restore ecological processes which are integral components of natural grassland communities.

  1. When were bison last seen in Missouri?


    1950s | Incorrect


    1840s | Correct


    1890s | Incorrect


    1780s | Incorrect

  2. What do bison primarily eat?

    Grasses and sedges

    Grasses and sedges | Correct

    Broadleaf plants

    Broadleaf plants | Incorrect

    Tree leaves and bark

    Tree leaves and bark | Incorrect

    Prairie chickens

    Prairie chickens | Incorrect

  3. Which bison behavior increases diversity in native grassland species?


    Wallowing | Correct


    Roaming | Correct

    Tree horning

    Tree horning | Correct

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  4. True or False: Most bison possess cattle DNA.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  5. True or False: Bison can carry diseases that also affect cattle.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  6. True or False: The bison reintroduction at Dunn Ranch Prairie will benefit the local community.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  7. How high can bison jump?

    0 feet

    0 feet | Incorrect

    3 feet

    3 feet | Incorrect

    6 feet

    6 feet | Correct

    9 feet

    9 feet | Incorrect

  8. How fast can bison run?

    2 miles per hour

    2 miles per hour | Incorrect

    8 miles per hour

    8 miles per hour | Incorrect

    20 miles per hour

    20 miles per hour | Incorrect

    35 miles per hour

    35 miles per hour | Correct

  9. How long do bison live?

    8-10 years

    8-10 years | Incorrect

    18-22 years

    18-22 years | Correct

    40-50 years

    40-50 years | Incorrect

    62-70 years

    62-70 years | Incorrect

  10. How much do bison weigh?

    200-400 pounds

    200-400 pounds | Incorrect

    900-2,200 pounds

    900-2,200 pounds | Correct

    2,400-3,000 pounds

    2,400-3,000 pounds | Incorrect

    Over 3,000 pounds

    Over 3,000 pounds | Incorrect


0-3 Correct: Bison novice - you still have a lot to learn!  Get the basics.
4-7 Correct: Bison apprentice - not bad!  Learn more with this video series featuring Dunn Ranch Prairie site manager Randy Arndt.
8-10 Correct: A true bison expert - well done! Now it's time to take action!

Bison are integral components of tallgrass prairie ecosystems and an important piece of Missouri's natural heritage. The reintroduction of bison at Dunn Ranch Prairie is the final link in restoring a fully functioning prairie ecosystem. Get the latest about the reintroduction!


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