Campaign for Conservation

To protect the woodlands, fresh water and grasslands that make Missouri unique, The Nature Conservancy in Missouri launched its Campaign for Conservation in October 2007. With a goal of $18 million, it is the largest private conservation campaign in state history.  The campaign concluded in January 2011 -- exceeding its goal by over $5 million!  

The individuals, corporations and foundations of Missouri rallied to the conservation call by investing over $23 million to help the Conservancy protect lands and waters to meet the needs of both native wildlife and local communities in Missouri and around the globe. 

Campaign funding has fueled ongoing priority initiatives on Missouri’s signature native landscapes.  On the Grand River Grasslands, the stage is now being set for an ambitious bison reintroduction this fall.  In the Ozarks, the campaign’s launch of the Howard and Joyce Wood Ozarks Conservation Buyer Fund has created a powerful tool for communities to ensure sustainable forestry on key woodlands surrounding the unique and beloved Current River. 

Many thanks to all who have invested time, talent and resources to advance conservation for people and nature.

“The success of the Conservancy’s six-year Campaign for Conservation shows how much Missourians care about our state’s freshwater, forest and grassland resources,” said Todd Sampsell, Missouri State Director for The Nature Conservancy. “We achieved many conservation milestones during the Campaign and made great progress, but there’s much more to accomplish.”

Conservation is at an urgent point in Missouri, the nation, and the world. Climate change, the loss of global habitat and species, freshwater shortages and the detrimental effects of invasive species are daily news here in Missouri and across the globe. We must stem this global crisis effectively and efficiently, starting here in Missouri, by protecting our native habitats.

Through Missouri’s Campaign for Conservation, we will:

  • restore and protect the best of Missouri’s remaining tallgrass prairies and the prairie chickens, butterflies and other native plants and animals that thrive there;
  • work with private landowners to protect the health of the Current River and other streams in the Missouri Ozarks by promoting sustainable forest management;
  • restore and maintain floodplain habitat on the Upper Mississippi River for the fish, waterfowl, and human communities that depend on it; and
  • apply lessons learned in Missouri’s prairies and forests to assist our partners in Brazil and Belize in conserving the vast grasslands and forestlands that hold a wealth of plant and animal life.

If you’d like to help preserve the beauty and natural diversity of Missouri today, tomorrow and for generations to come, then please consider making a gift.

We’re Accountable

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