Conservation Across Borders:
Missouri to Panama

View Conservancy members' photos during their trip to Panama.

Cargo ships entering the locks at the Panama Canal just outside of Panama City.  Each ship's passage requires 52 million gallons of water, which is supplied by freshwater rivers that empty into the canal.

Old meets new: the Old City of Panama, built in 1519, was destroyed in 1671; the newest development in Panama City can be seen behind the ruins.

View of the rainforest canopy at Soberania National Park.

An iguana lounges in the trees at Soberania National Park.

Orchids in bloom at the top of the canopy as viewed from the Soberania National Park observation tower.

A white-faced capuchin in Soberania National Park.

A tiny strawberry poison dart frog at Bastimentos National Marine Park.

Vibrant orange mushrooms flourish in Bastimentos National Marine Park.

Visiting an indigenous community at Salt Creek in Bastimentos National Marine Park.

Royal terns at Isla Colon.

Lavender sponges in the reef at Isla Colon.

Sea fans and fire clams living on mangrove roots. Mangroves are critical for biodiversity and for protecting the coast from storms.

This puffer fish at Isla Colon depends on healthy coral reefs to survive.

Traversing a pathway through cloud forest jungle in La Amistad International Park.

A flowering tree spotted in La Amistad International Park.

Travelers board a dugout canoe en route to Chagres National Park.

Wasp nest, about ten feet above the ground, at Chagres National Park.

Steve and fellow travelers visit an indigenous community in Chagres National Park. The Conservancy is working with the community to build an eco-tourism industry and to develop farming methods that benefit natural systems and the community.


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