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  • Winter in Missouri, though sometimes inhospitable, can also be beautiful! This slideshow celebrates our state's snowier months. Above: Autumn leaves frozen in ice.  Photo © Bill Duncan
  • Dead autumn leaves provide a stark contrast to the bubbled layer of ice above.  Photo © Bill Duncan
  • Frost flowers form when the temperature drops, causing water in plant stems to expand. The stems soon split open and the water freezes as it comes into contact with the air.  Photo © Rebecca Landewe/TNC
  • A pair of bald eagles fight over a fish while midflight. The Conservancy owns Sandy Island Bald Eagle Sanctuary, where eagles can be seen nesting during the winter months. Photo © Bill Duncan
  • The Nature Conservancy's Dunn Ranch Prairie is home to bison, prairie chickens, and a variety of native plants. The preserve is open year-round. Photo © Tom Nagel/TNC
  • In the winter, bison grow a thick coat, which consists of a thick, coarse outer layer, and a soft, downy inner layer to protect against the elements.  Photo © Noppadol Paothong
  • The bison herd at Dunn Ranch Prairie was reintroduced in 2011. With annual checkups and monitoring by Conservancy staff, the herd is thriving.  Photo © Noppadol Paothong
  • Prairie chickens have been relocated to Dunn Ranch Prairie as part of prairie restoration initiatives and recovery efforts for this charismatic bird.  Photo © Wayne Yokoyama
  • The photographer titled this stunning image "Holding the Light." It was taken in the Current River watershed in the Missouri Ozarks. Photo © Bill Duncan
Winter in Missouri

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