Missouri Scientist Showcase

Our Missouri Scientist Showcase is a series of guided calls with featured scientists about the Conservancy’s conservation efforts in Missouri and around the world. Phone in for our next showcase - it’s a perfect way to spend your lunch break!

Upcoming Showcases:
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Previous Showcases:
Living with Fire: How Prescribed Burns Benefit Nature and People, May 2011
Blane Heumann, the Conservancy's Director of Fire Management, discusses how fire shapes the face of the planet, and how it is used a tool for conservation.  Listen

The Conservancy and the Caribbean, February 2011
John Myers, the Conservancy's Deputy Director of the Caribbean Program, describes conservation efforts in this remarkable region.  Listen

Prairie Restoration, May 2010
Grand River Grasslands site manager Randy Arndt explained why bison are an integral component in prairie restoration, and described The Conservancy's plan to reintroduce this native species on our Dunn Ranch preserve.  Listen

The Mississippi River, February 2010
Todd Strole, director for the Upper Mississippi Floodplain Initiative in St. Louis, discussed the Mississippi River and the Conservancy's efforts to protect, maintain, and restore functional floodplains.  Listen

Climate Change, November 2009
Dr. Jonathan Hoekstra presented, "Climate Change, Conservation, and The Nature Conservancy" in November.  Listen
Learn more about how the Conservancy is adapting conservation strategies in countries such as Bolivia and Papua New Guinea to address climate change challenges. 

Chilton Creek and the Current River Watershed, August 2009
Our featured speaker for August was Doug Ladd, the Conservancy’s director of conservation science in Missouri.  Doug discussed the Conservancy's work in Chilton Creek, a preserve in the Current River WatershedListen 

Grand River Grasslands, May 2009
Site manager Randy Arndt described the Grand River Grasslands restoration project.   Listen

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