Conserving Missouri's Lands and Waters

We all depend on nature, but our growing needs for food, water, and energy are straining the earth's natural systems.

The Nature Conservancy uses a pragmatic, science-based approach to address today’s most urgent conservation challenges. In Missouri, we conserve and restore freshwater, forests, and grasslands to sustain natural systems and enhance people’s lives.

Learn more about how we work to protect Missouri's lands and waters.


Water is essential for all life on Earth. As pressures on our freshwater resources increase, it becomes critically important to secure adequate drinking water, manage floods, and keep our waters healthy for native species.  The Conservancy is developing long-term solutions that meet the needs of nature and people.  


Earth’s forests provide millions of jobs, create irreplaceable wildlife habitat, capture carbon, and secure freshwater, but unsustainable activities are threatening the health of this valuable resource.  The Conservancy is working with partners and private landowners to improve the health of our forests and economies.


Tallgrass prairies are the landscape of America's heartland and the most endangered habitat type on Earth.  Most grasslands have been converted for agriculture and ranching; the Conservancy works to balance conservation goals with the needs of working farms and ranches.



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