Are You a Meramec Mastermind?

Test your knowledge about the Meramec River!

The Nature Conservancy works with partners and landowners to protect and restore this unique river. How well do you know the Meramec? Click on the links that you think best answer each quiz question below.  Good luck!

  1. How many globally significant aquatic species call the Meramec home?

    3 species

    3 species | Incorrect

    11 species

    11 species | Incorrect

    22 species

    22 species | Incorrect

    31 species

    31 species | Correct

  2. How many native fish species have been documented in the Meramec?

    29 species

    29 species | Incorrect

    78 species

    78 species | Incorrect

    125 species

    125 species | Correct

    792 species

    792 species | Incorrect

  3. Which of the following popular recreational activities can be enjoyed without harming the river?


    Canoeing | Correct


    Hiking | Correct


    Birdwatching | Correct

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  4. Threats to the health of the Meramec include which of the following?

    Gravel and lead mining

    Gravel and lead mining | Correct

    Urban and suburban development

    Urban and suburban development | Correct

    Certain types of agriculture

    Certain types of agriculture | Correct

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  5. How many organizations are working on the Meramec River?


    5 | Incorrect


    12 | Incorrect


    21 | Incorrect

    More than 25

    More than 25 | Correct

  6. The Meramec is known for highly abundant and diverse populations of:

    Freshwater mussels

    Freshwater mussels | Correct

    Freshwater eels

    Freshwater eels | Incorrect


    Leeches | Incorrect


    Plesiosaurs | Incorrect


0-2 correct: Meramec novice - brush up on your Meramec knowledge.

3-4 correct: Not bad! Learn more about the Meramec and how the Conservancy is working to protect it.

5-6 correct: Way to go! You're a true Meramec Mastermind. Learn more about the Conservancy's work on the Meramec.

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Hoar Frost at Dunn Ranch Prairie


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