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Are You a Meramec Mastermind?

Test your knowledge about the Meramec River!

Can you answer all of the following questions and get a perfect score?  Click on the links that you think best answer each quiz question below.  Good luck!

  1. How many globally significant aquatic species call the Meramec home?

    3 species

    3 species | Incorrect

    11 species

    11 species | Incorrect

    22 species

    22 species | Incorrect

    31 species

    31 species | Correct

  2. How many native fish species have been documented in the Meramec?

    29 species

    29 species | Incorrect

    78 species

    78 species | Incorrect

    125 species

    125 species | Correct

    792 species

    792 species | Incorrect

  3. Which of the following popular recreational activities can be enjoyed without harming the river?


    Canoeing | Correct


    Hiking | Correct


    Birdwatching | Correct

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  4. Threats to the health of the Meramec include which of the following?

    Gravel and lead mining

    Gravel and lead mining | Correct

    Urban and suburban development

    Urban and suburban development | Correct

    Certain types of agriculture

    Certain types of agriculture | Correct

    All of the above

    All of the above | Correct

  5. How many organizations are working on the Meramec River?


    5 | Incorrect


    12 | Incorrect


    21 | Incorrect

    More than 25

    More than 25 | Correct

  6. The Meramec is known for highly abundant and diverse populations of:

    Freshwater mussels

    Freshwater mussels | Correct

    Freshwater eels

    Freshwater eels | Incorrect


    Leeches | Incorrect


    Plesiosaurs | Incorrect


0-2 correct: Meramec novice - brush up on your Meramec knowledge.

3-4 correct: Not bad! Learn more about the Meramec and how the Conservancy is working to protect it.

5-6 correct: Way to go! You're a true Meramec Mastermind. Learn more about the Conservancy's work on the Meramec.

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